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About Us

ShapeShift Pilates Studio

Shapeshift Pilates is located in Redondo Beach, CA, specializing in the Pilates Method. We offer personal attention to your in a comfortable, non-competitive setting. What makes the Pilates Method so unique? Pilates is a non-impact, resistance-based system that can be done by literally anyone, old or young, fit or unfit, injured or healthy, athlete or non-athlete. Many people’s bodies have imbalances and weaknesses which may be caused by poor posture, old injuries, stress, lack of strength, tension, inflexibility to name a few. We are dedicated to working in concert with your physical therapists and doctors to coordinate the best plan to help you reach a level of body awareness that empowers you in every area of your life! The benefits of the Pilates are far reaching – like putting money in your retirement account for your future.

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