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Healing Modalities

NEW! Nancy Coleman is now offering Mashing.

What is Mashing?

Mashing is a form of bodywork derived from Shiatsu and Thai massage. It is performed by using the feet to compress muscles. Mashing is used to warm the body up and flush the body of toxins. It is deep and often intense work that allows muscles to stretch more effectively.

30 Minutes:  $40  60 minutes:  $65

Healing Codes: Nancy Coleman is a Certified Healing Codes Coach since June 2012.  She began her Healing Codes journey July 4, 2011.  Nancy knew very shortly after starting practicing The Healing Codes that she would eventually add this energy medicine modality to her skills.  “My love of The Healing Codes comes from having experienced deep change and healing of the issues of my Heart, the things that have bothered me most of my life.”  Nancy would be happy to share more about this with you.  To learn more, go to  If you have any questions, you may contact Nancy at nancy [at] shapeshiftpilates [dot] com.

ShapeShift‘s Head and Neck Release

You can read extensively about the Head and Neck Release under the ShapeShift Pilates Story.

The benefits of opening up the head and neck:  free the meridians from the tense muscles so there will be a stronger energy flow to the organ systems, take pressure off the arteries and veins allowing blood to flow freely back and forth from the head to the body and in reverse, release TMJ, and much more.

15 minutes:  $20  30 minutes:  $40

T-Zone Vibration Technology –

This cutting-edge equipment strengthens muscles, reduces cellulite, increases bone density and more!  See more information on the home page.

Neuro-Muscular Therapy with Erik Gray:  See

Healings with Master Sio:  See




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