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Parisa Hadjimehdi

Parisa Hadjimehdi is a nurturing Pilates instructor and the Office Manager of ShapeShift Pilates. When she joined ShapeShift in 2002, she was completely new to the Pilates movement, but quickly became intrigued, started practicing and fell in love with it. She soon decided that she wanted to become a bigger part of the environment so she trained at the Stott Institute and started teaching at ShapeShift part-time.

Parisa was always very active and enjoyed swimming, yoga and gymnastics as a child, and loves working with people, so being a part of an environment like ShapeShift is a dream-come- true. “Building strong relationships with my clients is key,” she says. “ShapeShift is like a second home to me, and we are all part of a family.” Known for her gentle, sensitive, yet dynamic style of instruction, Parisa’s clients are inspired by her focus to detail. Most of her regular clients at ShapeShift hear about her style and specifically request her.

Parisa assists her clients with working through injuries and helping them to reduce pain, while focusing on form. “I work on the mind/body connection to help my clients reduce both the physical and emotional pain they are experiencing,” she says. “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing their progression and helping them to feel better by working out.” One of her specialties is leading Head and Neck Release sessions for her clients.

Parisa holds a B.S. in Business Administration & Marketing from Cal State Long Beach. To stay in shape, she practices Pilates, and enjoys outdoor activities like skiing, swimming and bike riding.