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Blog: Each Person Is A Universe

Each Person Is A Universe

I’m always amazed at how different we all look from one another — with billions of people in the world, it would seem that we would at least resemble others more often.  I have found the same truth when it comes to teaching exercise to different people.  There are no two people who are alike.  People may seem similar in their physique but they are not.

When someone comes in for a session, they have a unique, individual, complex make-up.  They have different genes, DNA, life experiences, psychological make-ups, an elaborate puzzle put together by habits, lifestyles and patterns, also accidents and surgeries.  This is what makes teaching Pilates and Gyrotonic so interesting.

A session is a process of thoroughly investigating with the client what works best for their particular circumstances to give them the desired results.  Some people have major conditions like Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, joint replacements, sciatica, fusions, scoliosis, carpal tunnel, TMJ, migraine headaches and more.  Others are coming in to get fit and to enhance and deepen their physical conditioning.

What’s exciting for us as teachers is that we get to help figure out what’s best and potentially change a client’s direction from a downward spiral to uplifting their body and spirit through proper conditioning and education.


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