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T-Zone Whole-Body Vibration Technology

T-Zone Whole-Body Vibration Technology: Discover the physiological and neuromuscular benefits unique to Whole Body Vibration. Complimentary before any class.  Own your own machine, inquire through ShapeShift Pilates.

A 10 minute T-Zone compliments our workouts by creating an openness in the musculature by releasing holding patterns and tightness increasing flexibility.  Also, circulation improves, bone density increases and tension/stress is released.  This allows the body the ability to work more deeply on the deep core muscular of the body while exercising.  Some students like to do a T-Zone session before and after their sessions.


T-Zone has been used by NASA astronauts to build bone density and muscle mass to stay healthy in space.

T-Zone is for sale through ShapeShift Pilates.

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